Dr B J Vasavada
Specialization in Diabetes | Hypertension | Obesity
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About Dr B J Vasavada Our Services

Dr B. J. Vasavada, MBBS, FCGP - Certificate course in diabetes from M.V. Diabetics, Chennai.

He is practicing since 1973 in Junagadh

He is proud recipient of Gujarat Gaurav Award,

He was also awarded by Prabhashankar Patni International award for hospital development,

He served as Ex-Founder & Managing trustee of Shri Hatkesh Foundation, Junagadh.

He also served as Ex-President of Vrudhniketan, Junagadh.

He has served as Ex-Treasurer IMA Medical Service Centre, Junagadh.

  • Routine Check-up

  • Diabetes

  • Hypertension

  • Obesity

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